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Wenso Ltd

Wenso is a specialised GDPR compliance solutions and IT services company with a global presence and headquarters in Manchester. Wenso’s GDPR Framework provides a complete end-to-end programme of modular services, allowing you to access the necessary support either as an individual module or as a complete programme.

Our one-stop solution for GDPR compliance includes:

• GDPR Readiness assessment
• GDPR full compliance implementation
• Real-time GDPR monitoring
• In-house GDPR training
• DPO-as-a-service
• Solution architecture for Cybersecurity & Data Forensics

At Wenso, we focus on solutions that improve customer engagement, as well as drive innovation and growth for our clients. With a strong global presence across Europe, North America, and the Middle East, Wenso also delivers technology-driven, cost-effective software solutions that help businesses stay ahead of their competitors.