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Jonathan Bamford

Head of Parliament and Government Affairs
Information Commissioners Office (Confirmed)

Jonathan Bamford has a substantial knowledge of information rights regulation gained over 30 years of helping organisations understand and comply with their information rights law obligations. He has been with the UK's information rights regulator since the role was first established in 1985. He has performed a variety of compliance and policy roles over the years. His current leadership responsibilities include the ICO's engagement in key areas such as police, justice and surveillance, central government, political parties and civil society. He also focuses on strengthening the ICO's relationships with parliament and government. This includes coordinating the ICO's work on the Data Protection Bill. His policy development responsibilities include overseeing the ICO's activities aimed at developing future information rights law including the effects of the UK's withdrawal from the European Union.

  • Establishing effective management structures for information governance across the public sector
  • Preparing for the May 2018 deadline: Avoiding the risk of 20,000,000 EUR fines, or up to 4% of the total worldwide annual turnover for serious breaches to GDPR
  • Understanding the key principles of the UK and EU data protection law changes – including the right to erasure, the right to access, data portability and how to respond to data requests
  • Considering challenges for local authorities, central government and the NHS around consent and the basis for processing personal data