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Maewyn Cumming

Chief Knowledge Manager
Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government (Confirmed)

Maewyn is responsible for Freedom of Information and data protection at the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG). She previously worked at Defra, the Cabinet Office and the Foreign Office.

  • Harnessing GDPR tools to drive data-driven innovation
  • Auditing existing supplier arrangements and updating procurement contracts to reflect the GDPR’s data processor
  • Conducting a data audit & gap analysis review to identify missing tools to respond to a data breach
  • Enhancing levels of governance by refining your records management programme and your data retention policy
  • Hidden gems in your data – developing new services, insights  and revenue streams from data you didn’t know you had

  • Discussing the duty to report data breaches in central government under GDPR
  • Outlining relevant supervisory authorities and duties to affected individuals
  • Understanding what constitutes a breach and how should public bodies be preparing for breach reporting